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So now drinks are involved, jokes are involved, different type of mood.So then it’s like, ‘Let’s try breakfast…’ take it easy and just go little bit by little.” They started casually dating.The source also added that Tyrone calls himself Sheree’s “husband,” but it’s unclear if they’re actually married or even engaged.The name Tyrone Gilliams might sound familiar because he was featured on reality show back in 2011 and was the cause of Sheree and Nene Leakes’ epic argument, the one where Nene claims to be a “very rich bitch” and Sheree responds by urging Nene to “get your teeth fixed.” Tyrone presented himself as a Philadelphia promoter and philanthropist.Sources say she’s been literally been “calling Tyrone” and, if the rumor is true, he may currently be in jail.star’s current storyline has her attempting to rekindle a romantic relationship with Bob.“Here’s the thing, the previous relationship was so damaged,” Bob told Radar.

“His focus right now is getting out of prison,” Whitfield told it was revealed that Whitfield’s previous husband, former NFL player Bob Whitfield, was allegedly abusive towards her during their seven-year marriage.I’m not saying I’m going to marry the girl next week.But I said, ‘Why couldn’t I build something of substance? He’s family orientated, he’s very spiritual.” The Bravo star confirmed to Wendy Williams that his name is Tyrone and that the two “dated, back, maybe six years ago.” Her former flame reached out “a couple years ago” while serving time for wire fraud.Word on the street is that Sheree Whitfield has a new boo, but it’s not her ex-husband Bob Whitfield.

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