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The call was urgent: a body had been discovered at Speegleville Park, near Lake Waco.

Simons, a ruggedly handsome man with dark-brown eyes and a brown mustache, took a deep breath.

In June two cops had been shot in a gun battle downtown.

For all of Waco’s small-town feel, Simons—himself the father of a young boy—recognized that these were big-city problems. He had grown up in Rosenthal, a tiny town just south of the city, and joined the WPD in 1965, a few years after dropping out of high school.

It was around six-thirty on a summer evening in 1982, and the 39-year-old officer had just returned to his squad car after visiting his wife, Judy. to one a.m., didn’t allow the couple to see much of each other, so he’d stop by her office when he could, then head back out on patrol.

He’d driven that road many times, and as he crossed the reservoir, he looked out over the water.Simons parked and made his way to one of the deputy constables, who pointed out two young men standing nearby.They had been looking for a place to fish when they’d spotted the body near the foot of a tree, lying beneath some low-hanging branches.What follows is a story, built around the question that has haunted so many people for so many years: What really happened at the lake that night?Patrol sergeant Truman Simons was driving down Franklin Avenue, in downtown Waco, when the call came over the police radio.

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