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As my colleague Michael Slezak points out, “No straight guy wears his towel that low.” Now it’s your turn.

is about a dynamic friend duo at its core, but many viewers have been rallying for Abbi (Abbi Jacobson) and Ilana (Ilana Glazer) to take their relationship to the next level. At the Comedy Central show’s Tribeca Film Festival panel Sunday, moderator — and notorious guest star — Kelly Ripa asked Jacobson and Glazer point-blank: “When will you get married?

Esme is TV-dorky (read: a pretty brunette who wears glasses) and swears there’s nothing between herself and her former sober counselor; the combination of the two put Juliette at ease, and she agrees to buy the house.

She was going back in time for us and she looks exactly the same.So while Scarlett’s at Deacon’s arena gig, where she runs into roadie Avery and he’s actually kind of nice to her, Gunnar stays at home to drink beer and write songs with Will. On one hand, we’ve never seen him act interested in a man before, and he seems to really like having the sex with Scarlett.There are a lot of empty bottles on the coffee table, but not a whole lot of ditties in the can by the time the two are sitting comfortably side by side, heads lolling against the back of the couch. But on the other, perhaps he freaketh out a little too much?But apparently he only has enough love for one daughter at a time, because he lashes out at Tandy for making him feel weak as he recuperates. If it’s true that Peggy only confirmed the story to the rag, raise your hand if you think Lamar was the one who actually tipped them off to the story.) NO ONE WILL EVER LOVE YOU LIKE I DO Scarlett meets Stacey and wholeheartedly approves. But what he doesn’t know is that Rayna and Liam have picked up where they left off the night she spent sobbing on his bathroom floor. Before the new pair leave for their trip, though, there’s a show to do. So I did.” I defy any creature with even one cardiac cell to not melt at such a show of enduring love; it’s no wonder, then, that Deacon says, “Hey,” grabs her and starts kissing her like it’s his job.That’s the only incentive she needs to meet with Coleman and propose an alliance to take down Teddy… All it takes is for Rayna to start musing about how “free” she feels as they sit together on the couch. ” the producer asks, about three miliseconds before he starts eating her face like it’s a pile of Nathan’s hotdogs and he’s Kobayashi trying to reclaim his crown. So they flirt and grind their way through an old tune Deacon and Rayna wrote together, and Deacon. Soon after, they’re peeling each other’s clothes off and falling into bed.

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