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The fact that this could be the last time she's together with Matty begins to weigh on her mind. They go on a chopper ride over some incredibly picturesque scenery. They go to an elephant camp and get up close and personal with an elephant called Fasai(? "I want this to be the beginning of this," she says. The girls are getting ready and will soon step into their respective water taxis. Elise says she's super proud of herself that she's managed to open up to Matty. Laura tells him that he manages to surprise her every single time. Her brothers don't think he's fully compatible with her yet, at least from what they've seen . Laura fires back with a great response and explained that she was just nervous, and that her and Matty compatible in many other ways. When Laura talks to Matty's mum, she's a lot more calm. Mama J thinks she's very articulate and can sense that she's scared it isn't going to go her way. He goes back to the whole hobbies thing and compares Elise to Laura, referencing Elise's love of the outdoors, camping etc. "We have come so far in such a short time, and that's because every time we're together, you've been so genuine. I think you are so perfect." She starts crying and says, "I was so ready for you to break my heart." p.m. Matty tells her that the more he has gotten to know her, the more he's realised how much they have in common. I think about you every single day, the only way I can describe how I feel towards you is, Laura, I love you. There's lots and lots of "Sorry, I'm so excited." p.m. Laura is on the verge of tears explaining that it's hard because Matty simply cannot say anything back.

And then, I got back from Germany and got a call where they were like, “We need to fly you to New York tomorrow to read with Taylor [Schilling].” I was like, “Wait, for Alex, the manipulative drug-smuggling lesbian girl?! Jenji [Kohan] was like, “You know, you were amazing as Piper, but I couldn’t get you out of my head for Alex.” Fourteen hours later, I had to move to New York, so I didn’t have a lot of prep time.Question: You originally auditioned to play Piper, but then ended up getting cast as her ex-girlfriend, Alex.So, how much control did you then have, in crafting the character? Elise can't stop talking about how in love she is with him on her way up to meet him. "I've replayed this moment in my mind so many times, and it's really hard to get the right words out. "I feel sad because I lost something that makes me happy." She says she's confused as to whether it was worth it. I didn't know if I'd fall in love again and if anyone would fall in love with me," he says.

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