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Still intimidated by the prospect of confronting a harasser, I ignored him. He did the same exact thing again, and right before the duck reached my chest, I said, "Don't touch me." He backed off and returned a few minutes later to give me a fist-bump.But after he left, I asked my new friends, "So, I could tell that guy to stop? (I think that's the nudist resort version of an olive branch.)"Alright," I thought.Now, if you're ready for all of that, you've reached sexy vacation nirvana. At KAYAK we don’t set the prices, so it’s not possible for us to guarantee what other companies are selling.The Caribbean is an entire geographic region devoted to all things sexy.The music of the islands, the variety of West Indian cuisine that awaken your palette, and the beautiful people come together to stimulate all of your senses.We compile tonnes of data for you Our service lets you quickly and easily compare results from hundreds of travel sites at once.

When a guy I didn't enjoy talking to followed me everywhere my first night, I hung out with him out of guilt.

"Maybe this really is OK."Later that night, in another hot tub (surprise—sex resorts in Jamaica have a lot of hot tubs), a man sat next to me and placed his hand on my inner thigh while saying, "If I may"—as if that were the same as if he may. He moved his arm, and another woman beckoned for me to sit next to her instead. When the guy who followed me around the first night greeted me by kissing my neck, I said, "That wasn't OK with me," and he apologized profusely.

A lot of guys just don't know how to interact with women respectfully, regardless of whether their intentions are "good" or not.

By teaching them how to ask, I felt like I was not only expressing my needs clearly, but I was doing them a favor.

But my most uncomfortable clapback came my last night, when an older man stopped me on my way to my room, told me he'd seen me on the nude beach, and thought I seemed like a "nice girl." He then went on and on about himself. ""No."First, I thought, "Wow, Suzannah, that was rude." But then I thought, "Who cares?

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