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Unwanted sexual attention on the Internet occurs when a harasser uses direct personal communication to harass a victim.Additionally, the harasser uses personal communication to convey messages directly relating to sex and/or sexuality which are unwanted or unwelcome by the victim.The website was used by Continental employees, including pilots and crew members, and was created for the purposes of learning flight schedules and assignments.Additionally, the company's Internet service provider (Compu Serve) created a forum available to employees which enabled them to virtually exchange ideas and information.

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Additionally, the University suggested that the student contact the webmaster of the site and the Office of Public Safety to file a public safety incident report.

Today, employers need to be vigilant not only to what is said and done in the physical office, but what is being said and done in the virtual office as well.

A recent New Jersey Supreme Court case highlights this new territory of employer liability under Title VII for Internet harassment.

refers to the intentional sending of erotic, pornographic, lewd, and lascivious images and digital recordings by a harasser to specific or potential victims.

Graphic harassment often occurs via email, instant messaging, redirected/automatic linking, and pop-ups.

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