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He informed her that although he did have a car, he couldn’t afford to run it.He was hardly the City slicker Elect were promising.Our interviews are intimate, engaging, and insightful and always run one-to-one, with every single person wanting to join our introduction agency going through it.We believe we interview in far greater depth than any other dating agency in the UK because we aren't just interested in finding out about your hobbies or pastimes, we are interested in learning about you.The company, Elect Club, claimed to have the ‘largest private database of single professionals in London’, including business leaders and entrepreneurs.On its website, it boasted of being ‘the number one dating agency in the UK’ with branches in several major cities.‘Elect Club is an exclusive social network for attractive, dynamic, eligible professionals looking for a serious relationship,’ it said.Hosted by our team of experts we ensure you meet people that are right for you.See Upcoming Events Our Dating Agency in London is home to a select team of professional matchmakers and dating coaches featured in the press, radio and TV.

Following various uninspiring conversations with dating agencies, feeling underwhelmed and a lack of clarity about just what they could do for the fee they were charging, Alun set up The Executive Club of St. We believe in old world romance, in the power of love and relationships to move and inspire you, to elevate you and make you greater.But we also take practical matters of love seriously, like considering one's character, lifestyle, financial stability and values.We don't just give you quality dates, we create lifetime relationships. James's we believe that the quality of a relationship is determined by the two people involved.‘He said he had had a call from them inviting him to come to some events.He had been a member of a dating agency in Gerrard’s Cross in Buckinghamshire that had shut down and Elect had bought it. When Ms Fontaine emailed to complain, she received an email back from Daniel Andre, the CEO of the company, saying: ‘Each of our members have specific criteria and their requirement doesn’t especially match your profile, I am afraid. Unfortunately, Elect decided she owed them two months’ membership.

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