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Mouse Mingle has been around since 2015, but it recently got some attention after the LA Times published a profile on Aug.

3 on one of the site’s success stories, newlyweds Kevin Guy and Kelsey Atwood-Knudson: Even if some of them involve animals rather than humans, Disney movies certainly have plenty of romantic scenes to draw inspiration from, as the couple in the LA times story did when they scheduled a date at an Italian restaurant because it reminded them of “Lady and the Tramp.” A

Though challenging, it clearly states its position and sticks to it.

According to my analysis, the most popular dating websites in China haven’t got such a clear positioning: while Momo and Tantan falls in the category of “entertainment – low friction”, Jianyuan, Baihe, Zhenai, and Youyuan are mixed in the “relationship - low friction and high friction” categories, as illustrated in the following graph.

However, in the Chinese market, most dating companies focus more on the expansion of scale.

For example, the active users of Jiayuan are more than 5 million and for Zhenai and Baihe, more than 1.3 million.

In United States, the positioning of most online dating service providers concentrates mainly on the “entertainment – low friction” and the “relationship – high friction” category.

This is because one of the characteristics of online dating services is that participants voluntarily provide their personal information to the site to be matched with compatible individuals, and there is no guarantee of the authenticity of information provided.

At the same time, we invested a lot in learning the behaviors of users who want to find long-term relationships through us. In the process, we can improve our service and provide an excellent service to our customers,” she said.“Statistics from US market show that among users of online dating, around 65% are male, and around 35% are female.And I think the user composition in Chinese market is similar.The company started in 2012, but has grown rapidly over the last four year through providing differentiated dating services for both men and women.Ms Dawoon Kang, its Chief Operations Officer and Head of Marketing credits the company’s success to how they position their services and tailor it to suit customers.

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