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She knows of another "secret" Facebook page for those who don't want to risk being identified."It's about cultivating meaningful connection, rather than being primarily sexual," she says of the lifestyle she discovered with relief four years ago after struggling to make monogamy work for her.

"There are as many ways of being polyamorous as there are polyamorous people." Ana, a soil scientist, and Samantha, a teacher, live together with their two children. Samantha remains in the main house while the other two use the sleep-out.

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Silver helps mature singles create and build meaningful relationships online. Enjoy our chat rooms, instant messaging, photo gallery and more.It is important that each member of a relationship group is clear about expectations and gets as much time with their lovers as they want.And if someone else comes along, all parties need to know about it as soon as feelings have developed."If I meet someone I think is attractive, I can appreciate that openly and even share it without the guilt and negativity one might experience in a monogamous relationship," explains Samantha, who was once married to a man."People in monogamous relationships tend to feel entitled to their partner's time, body and feelings.She loved her husband of eight years, she didn't want to leave him, but she was no longer fulfilled in their marriage. She also felt guilty: they had two delightful children, a dog, and a house with an actual white picket fence.They were living the suburban dream, so what was her problem?

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