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The annual cost for failures is usually not stated in a clear-cut manner nor are failure costs summarized by a system/sub-system to identify the weak links in a monetary fashion so that appropriate action is taken to reduce the annual cost of This activity is best performed with high-level involvement of the management team to provide fundamental understanding of the size of the icebergs about to rip out the underbelly of the plant and to involve the organization in a plan to reduce the costs so that profits are pushed upward because of the improvements.The summary list converts technical details to a summary of costs and time while placing the issues into a Pareto distribution explained in terms of money and the vital few problems to be solved for competitive reasons.The benefit of accelerated testing is to save time and money while quantifying the relationships between stress and performance along with identifying design and manufacturing deficiencies to get useful data quickly and at low cost to determine the products strength limits by applying stresses high enough to stimulate failures.availability metrics by using uptime metrics that present data in the best light (an issue of data integrity) to maximize managerial bonuses by excusing (deducting) downtime from the calculations to put lipstick on the pig.With active configuration control you know where items are used and contained, where and why they were installed, where signal originate, what items are used where and in what environments, what drawing revisions have occurred and you know if the product conforms to the drawings and specifications, what alternate materials/components have been used, and what test reports/certifications are available as original documents for review.Configuration control begins after the first design review to build an unbroken chain of traceability to aid in avoiding surprises in the field which would destroy the designed-in criteria for availability, reliability, maintainability, and cost effectiveness established as a portion of the original design criteria.

If the design details are not specified, the design will not contain the requirements and thus implementation of the project will be hit or miss for achieving the desired end results, beginning with the conceptual design and resulting in the operating facility.Failure rates are different for both people and equipment at different phases of operation and the medicine to be applied to both humans and equipment need to be considered for effectively treating the roots of the problem.The RBD models allow calculation of system reliability based on knowing/assuming failure details of the components, starting with the least component and growing the model to the greatest system to predict performance from the elements.Decisive details will only be known into the future and decisions have to be made today, so use of decision trees are tools to help wisely span from today into the future with the wisest decisions that can be made from sketchy data.Most decisions must be made with indecisive information that requires decisions about the odds for a given event, usually based on estimatesthe wiser the estimate the better the decision, taking into account the probabilities of the outcomes and the money involved in the decision.

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